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Wargame Figure Sites: for now concentrating on Wild West or Mexican Revolution figures.

Copplestone Castings: The site for Mark Copplestone's stunning, and very useful, 28mm figures.
Eureka Miniatures:
See the 'Civilian' and 'Mexican' lines (which I can no longer find on their new web site.)
Outpost Wargames: An actual line of Mexican Revolution Figures
Old Glory: Most of the PIM (Pershing In Mexico) line has now been released. The sculpting of the US cavalry and infantry is OK. The sculpting of the Villista cavalry and Federale infantry in the 'BEF Style cap' is very good. The quality of the sculpting for the Villista infantry varies widely, but there are still some good figures in the pack. The Spanish American War Spanish Inf. make pretty good Carrancistas if you paint the hat to look like something other than the straw thing it's supposed to be. Also, the Boxer Rebellion Japanese inf. are a pretty good starting point for Federale inf. or dismounted cav. wearing the 'Mexican Kepi.'
Reviresco's Mexican Revolution: The Federales are in the transitional uniform from 'blue with stovepipe shako' to 'khaki with BEF style cap. The revolutionary Model T ford looks very nice.
Wargames Foundry: See the 'Old West' and 'Victorian' lines. Franco Prussian French infantry, when not wearing the traditional greatcoat, make an excellent starting point for Federale conversions, as do Franco Prussian Jaegers when trying to recreated early Federale dismounted cavalry in the model 1898 blue uniform.
West Wind Productions: See the 'Cowboy Wars' line.

Related to the Wild West Campaign and the Mexican Revolution:  

BakingStuff.com: a colletion of cake decorations, with some very useful, and cheap; trees, bushes, cactus, etc.
Flags of the Mexican Revolution: Only descriptions, no photos, but useful for gamers just the same.
Hikoki Publications: has a book on military aviation in the wars of Latin America. Have a look at chapter 1 online. It's more information than you dreamed possible about aeroplanes and El Gran Revolucion.
Historical Text Archive: An interesting personal collection of essays/notes on the Mexican Revolution
Latino Art Community: An artistic site, but this is a link to their version of the Mexican Revolution time Line.
Michigan State University: History Course 384 - Mexico Reform and Revolution: Some very interesting photos from the Porofirista and The Great Revolution.
Michagan State University: History Course 384 - The Revolution: Specifically photos from the Great Revolution. The sections under 'Leaders' and 'Weapons' are particularly interesting.
Military Aspects of the Maderista Insurgency: History from Michigan State University
Naval Counter Intelligence Center: Of general interest, but Chapter 3 contains interesting information on activities during the Mexican Revolution.
Pancho Villa Home Page: The name says it all, but some very 'entertaining' if sensationalist stories about Mexico's most famous cavalry commander.
Roy Knabenshue:
Any material on early 20th century dirigibles is interesting, but read up on Mr. Knabenshue, who has become a major NPC in our campaign.
Sierra Madre Games: We use their 'Lords of the Sierra Madre' game as the basis for our campaign.
The South Texas Border 1910-1920: Photographs of the Robert Runyon collection. Some interesting stuff on Matamoros during the Great Revolution.
Uniforms of the Mexican Revolution: A fast overview of the subject
University of Texas at El Paso Mexican Revolution Photo Collection:
Click on 'Search Data, then Select Mexican Revolution as the Title,
then click on the Start Search button.
Soldiers of Fortune Postcards This site contains some very interesting images of 'foreign' mercenaries in the revolution.
Western Outlaw Lawman History Association: The section on gravesites for notable Wild West Personages is particularly intriquing

An 'Eclectic Mix' of Web Sites:  

Afriboria: The colonial gaming section of 'The Antwerp Fusilers' gaming club. Home of the 'Flemish Fast Play' (FFP) set of colonial rules, which I really like.
Alex's Flags: A useful addition to the Warflag web site.
Baker Street LA:
Sherlockian Site (C'mon, it's Victorian)

Documents of the Boxer Rebellion (China Relief Expedition), 1900-1901 From the Department of the Navy 'Navy Historical Center' Stuff on the US Navy's involvement in the Boxer Rebellion.
Boxer Rebellion: KRIEG IN CHINA, in German with a translation button into English and French. Some fascinating period images from German rather than the usual English sources.
Captaine Ouest LeBoeuf The 'gaming portion' of one of our member's personal web site.
Crescent Root Studio: The best 'Middle

Crescent Moon Studio: The best 'Middle Eastern' buildings that we've ever seen, and excellent for the Mexican Revolution too!
The Colonial Angle:
Yet another fine Colonial site. (Look at those buildings)
Di Imperatoribus Romanis:
The Encyclopedia of the Roman Emperors. Pay particular attention to the 'Battle Index.'
Historical Hobbies: Yet another member's excellent game related site. And it even sells Vallejo paints.
Historic Tall Ship Replicas: A Germans site specializing in the building of replica ships. Very useful if you want an all round view of a boat that you're trying to scratch build in say 28mm.
HMS Falcon: A magnificent collection of photographs documenting Royal Navy riverine gunboats in China.
The Hong Kong Society of Wargamers: Another suitable outpost in the (former) empire of Wargame Weenies around the world.
Imperial German History: A rather generic name for a very comprehensive German web site. But first you must scroll down to the 'translation' button. When you click on the translation button you'll automatically enter the site, but in English instead of German. There is information and images pertaining to Germany's place in European History, a wealth of information on the Imperial Fleet, and some great stuff on the 'Protected Areas.' (Germany's colonies)
John Jenkins Designs: Colonial river craft, ancient Chinese (perfect for DBM), and some spectacular 'Horror' figures. Also an excellent line of 54mm Seven Years War figures,which the sculptor claims are 'toy soldiers,' but that seem a bit too detailed to be lumped into that category.
Legio VI: A Roman Reenactor group that specializes in tramping about the hills around the city of Los Angeles, California.
India Wargamers: Very professional, not like the usual slap dash stuff we do, and it's only fitting that a Colonial Gaming Site such as this should have some sort of minor connection to the sub continent.

Major Tremordan Rederring's Colonial-era Wargame Page: A very comprehensive Colonial site.
The Melik Society: The aim of the Melik Society is to advance public awareness of Anglo-Sudanese history in the period 1883-1899 and subsequently, through the restoration and preservation of the river gunboat Melik and the paddle steamer Bordein
Sea War Store: Naval Flag & Theme Shirts, Mugs, Coasters and More.
Painting Scottish Tartans/Kilts and Bonnets: A helpful step-by-step approach.
Paper Building Models: Mostly European and Middle Ages, but still good stuff.
The Paper Shipwright: So if you want to build ships, but don't'want to spend boatloads of money, you'd get them made out of paper, right?
The Pefect Captain: Offering wargame rules, for a very broad range of periods, with very high 'production values.' The RED ACTIONS rules for the Russian Civil War are a must read.
Prescott of the Stratosphere Rangers: A 'Movie Serial' version of a Late 19th early 20th century adventure character created by a Hollywood CGI Efx company.
The Red Dragon's Revenge: Colonel Winky (1st on the right) as the Governor of Jamaica with his best friend who built a pirate ship in the back garden, 30 miles from the nearest ocean.
The Red Shadow: Colonial Adventure Wargaming in Africa 1880-1920

The 'Rorkes Drift' web site: Just what it says.
The Russo-Japanese War Research Society: Scholarly articles, good History, less photos than an addicted gamer would like to see.

Sierra Madre Games: Nifty board games, with some great stuff on the Mexican Revolution
Soldiers of the Queen: Photos and postcards from Britain's colonial empire.
Tapas, Tierra y Libertad: A Spanish Civil War Party - an excuse for a barbecue with a Spanish menu, and everyone came as a Loyalist, because those costumes were easier.
Tricorne: A spectacular French site devoted to the French armies of the 18th century. Absolutely beautiful figures.

Time Design: A series of replica ships. In this case I think that replica means a working model in slightly less than 1 to 1 scale. Should be very useful for those thinking about scratch building some boats.
Uniforms of the Imperial German Colonial Forces: 1914-1918 a good overview.
The Universal General: 'European Branch' of the club, under the command of 'Baron Eduard Geudens de Saint Gillis'
Vexillologie militaire européenne: A European flag sited, 'en Francais,' from 1700 to 1914.
The Vinkhuijzen collection of military uniforms (Prints):A truly impressive collection of uniform prints organized by nationality and then tme period.
Warflag: The justly renowned Flags for Wargames web site.
Wargames Journal: We really should include the site, as we use it to create some of the historical scenarios we run.

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