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Darkest Africa: (Apparently Somewhere on the Universal Back Lot)

And just in case readers were worried, the club maintained its great tradition of defeating the foreign interlopers. However, more about that below.

To the right, the verdant and threatening jungle. In the central clearing are the ruins of an ancient temple and a mysterious tomb. Four European expeditions intend to march on the tomb and 'excavate' it's golden idol. In the top right corner, the French under Messr. Beloch. In the top left corner, the Americans under Dr. Jones. In the bottom left, just out of frame, Alan Quartermaine and the British. And at the bottom right a nameless Belgian gentleman with his accompanying askaris.

Numerous other players have native units concealed about the table. (The 'King of the Jungle' is rumored to be moving from tree to tree.) Each European player receives 1 D6 worth of 'Hongo' with which to bribe natives into their employ. As the evening progressed, and more trips were made to the bar, 'Hongos' were renamed 'Pongos 'and eventually, for reasons never made completely clear 'Lupins.'

Above left, blue-hatted warriors rush to the top of the tomb and spend a turn dancing there on. Above right, a band of Hollywood extras move swiftly through the jungle to outflank the Americans.

At right, the Belgian commander, having rolled only a '1' for Hongos (Pongos/Lupins) Devises a cunning plan. He rushes to be nearest to the tomb, then starts shooting early, hoping that enraged natives will then attack all foreigners, and while bloody combat ensues around the periphery he will sprint to the idol. (It didn't quite work out that way.) Alan Quartermaine can be seen astride the boulder, apparently telling his men to slow down in their promised efforts to aid the Belgians.

Below left, the British 'stroll to the rescue.' Below right, a wave of Azande warriors breaks on the Belgian askari. However, their commander is not afraid, because his men are 'soldier' class figures with bayonets and breech loading rifles.

At right, whoops! The Belgian player must have been at the bar when the umpire explained that the colonial troops were not 'soldiers,' but only armed bearers without bayonets. (That's a -1 in hand to hand combat.) The commander in pith helmet can be seen leading his survivors in a maneuver to more defensible positions in the rear.

Below left, a nearly naked Dr. Jones leads his men in from the top left corner of the table. Below middle, native archers (yes, someone has actually strung the bows) lay in wait for the unsuspecting doctor.

Below right, after moderate casualties (very light considering the fate of the other expeditions) Dr. Jones maneuvers away from the natives and has his men take a few pot shots at Messr Beloch in the far right of the photo. Beloch is the only survivor of his troop. I suppose that it was victory over the French that caused the blue-hatted natives above to begin their victory dance up on the tomb.

If the Belgians thought that the game was going to get any better for them, the were severely mistaken. At right, they take refuge within the ruined temple. How fortunate that so few of them survived the first attack, or there wouldn't have been enough room in the position.

Below left, two of the three tribes involved begin the assault upon the temple.

Below center, somehow the blue-hatted tribe have reached the temple in time to attack the Belgians after having routed the French.

Below right, one of the club's renown helicopter shots, showing just how desperate the situation has become for the Belgians. They lost every single round of hand to hand combat with everyone killed in the very first assault.


Whoops! (again) Seems that the Belgian player was using a 40K jamming dice instead of a D6 for hand to hand combat. So the umpire brought him back for another round of combat. In round two he dies in a hail of spears.

Below left, having abandoned the Belgians to their fate, the British askaris advance on the triumphant Azande. After a truly magnificent round of musketry they close in for the kill, below center. Suddenly the 'Lord of the Jungle' makes his appearance. Much to the shock of the British he is not an unkempt, knife armed, Tarzan figure... But a huge lion ready for a bit of dining al fresco.

After a raucous debate on just what combat bonuses to offer a charging lion (we settled on a mere +4 in hand to hand) the huge feline settled down to a general massacre of Quartermaine and his compatriots.


Not shown, Dr. Jones and his surviving askaris feel themselves fortunate to slink off the top right hand edge of the table having suffered only 'minimal' casualties. At least minimal by comparison to the other expeditions who each suffered 100% killed and/or eaten.

At the right, the Hollywood extras take their turn at dancing triumphantly upon the roof of the ancient tomb. It was only at the end of the game that the umpire revealed that there wasn't really a golden idol at all. Only the blonde Jane (golden hair, get it.) guarded by the knife wielding Tarzan figure.

Well, once again the Europeans take it on the chin. Good thing that our little set of colonial heroes aren't doing anything involving real bullets.

And next time.... Wild West in Mexico!


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