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Samurai Experimental Rules
  After a prolonged absence a stirring, in depth, report on the latest game. Well, sort of. Your humble correspondent is still struggling with that new fangled camera, and there were a few drinks beforehand. So most of the photos were a tad blurry. The more generous members might describe them as 'soft focus.' The less generous members were grumbling something about 'out of focus.'

Right, Here's a crafty photo taken of yet another Samurai game played the following week. A band of brilliantly painted Samurai charge out from between two splendid statues which are, probably, aquarium decorations.
  And, on to the game. Capitaine Ou Est Le Bouef got his hands on what one supposes is a set of Fantasy Skirmish rules. After suitably scholarly revisions on his part the club had what seemed to be a workable set of Samurai rules. The most novel thing appears to be movement. Each figure rolls for ACTIVATION and can use up to 3 dice. If the figure's morale number is equalled, or exceeded, then the figure can do up to 3 things. Move 3 times, move twice and fight once, etc. etc. However, if one figure fails on the activation roll at least twice then the player's turn is over.

Here Capitaine Ou Est Le Boeuf's favorite Samurai cavorts in front of a scratch build 'tea house.'
  During the game members learned a variety of things.

Major Debacle learned that a small unit of expensive Samurai (around 200 points) isn't as good as a large unit of cheaper troops. Major Weenie learned that a very large unit of 'trouser-less peasants' (around 200 points) isn't as good as a smaller unit of more expensive troops. Major Weenie failed to move at all for the first 3 turns until the umpire advised him to "Switch to rolling only 1 dice for each peasant. That way you can't ever roll the dreaded 2 ACTIVATION failures." This meant that Major Weenie was forced to roll individually for each peasant. By turn 4 Col. Winky had thrown a sharp object at Major Weenies leader, hit him in the forehead, and killed him. This meant that Weenie was rolling lots of single dice, and moving on average about one third of his peasants. By turn 7 Col. Winky learned that his 3 ninjas, around 200 points, could beat just about anything on the table. However, when eventually surrounded by peasants ninjas shouldn't roll 1's while the peasants roll 6's.

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the table, the game was decided by other units fighting in a more believable fashion.
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