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W.W.II Tunisia
  'Somewhere in Tunisia' in N Gage, using the only recently discovered 'Guts N Glory' set of rules. The traditional TBC 'Helicopter Shot' of a small Tunisian village located in the center of the gaming table. Although being as the game was set in 1943 perhaps it should more accurately be referred to as a 'Light Weight High Wing Monoplane Shot.' This spectacular Mediterranean style village was made out of paper buildings. However, inside each structure was a duplicate, cut and painted so as to simulate ruins.   game0125.jpg
  Much later in the game Afrika Korps infantry begin to suffer losses, as evidenced by the unattractive casualty caps, at the hands of American infantry hidden in the village.   game0122.jpg
  The village as seen from the eastern/American side of the table. Viewers may infer that it is half way through the game, by simply gaging the level of amber liquid in your humble correspondents, umm... 'Game Time Measuring Device,' inadvertently left on the table for this photo.   game0124.jpg
  The southern flank of the village as viewed from the western/German side of the table. A pair of Axis armored cars have nipped into the rough terrain at center so as to support the advance of Afrika Korps infantry at the bottom right of the photo. Unfortunately, for the armored cars, there is a US antitank gun just outside of the village (between the top building and the pile of dice) and a US Bazooka hidden in one of the buildings. There is also a second US antitank gun on this side of the village, but the American commander forgot where it was hidden and so it played no part in the battle.   game0128.jpg
  At right, on the other (northern) flank of the table. At top the first Panzer, which rushed onto the table, was knocked out by the third US antitank gun. So the next two panzers proceed more cautiously, and sneak up behind some rough terrain.   game0129.jpg
  At right (close up) and next photo (aerial view) the game moves to its conclusion, as club members gradually slump into a stupor caused by either the lateness of the hour, or the quantity of amber liquid consumed, depending upon the individual member. One of the US sub commanders has over extended himself, advancing his squad too far west into the town. The overall US commander remonstrates with his subordinate to 'maneuver all his men into the center building using the RUSH move.' The entire US squad is now inside the building, awaiting the German assault. However, having used RUSH they are not allowed to shoot at the oncoming Germans. In the subsequent hand to hand combat the veteran Afrika Korps infantry don't even need to roll a dice, and kill every unfortunate American. The Americans have only a 75% chance of inflicting casualties, but it's Major Weenie rolling, so most of the Germans survive.   game0126.jpg
  With the American survivors in full retreat members were now free to debate whether Major Weenie had lost 'every man in his command,' or if the survival of a single half track driver would invalidate this claim by the German players. The general consensus on the rules was very favorable, but the highest praise was reserved for that spectacular paper town.   game0127.jpg
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