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DBR: Battle of Naseby
  In the background the cavalry on the Parliamentarian right, under the command of the, soon to be late, Oliver Cromwell. In the foreground can be seen the cavalry of the Royalist left under the command of Lord Harold Longuechamps. During the game this name rapidly evolved into 'Harry Long Stocking,' and from there to something a bit more risqué that shall not be repeated here in the august annals of the Bengal Club web site.   game0117.jpg
  Mid way through the game, still on the Royalist left. Lord Harry's first attack has foundered, but after destroying the Parliamentarian's cavalry general. So technically Oliver Cromwell is now dead. However, at this point the umpire said, "Wait. I think we're doing this wrong." And Oliver was back on the table, to the accompaniment of much Royalist grumbling about 'Parliamentary Cavalry of the Undead.'   game0115.jpg
  The center of the Royalist line, with appropriate beverage placed in an inappropriate location. To simulate the tentative generalship of Charles I, the Royalist player controlling King Charles and the royal reserve was not allowed to roll his on movement/pip dice until after at least one Royalist command had been broken. This provided the senior player on the Royalist side with a surfeit of extra time with which to visit the bar.   game0118.jpg
  On the Royalist right Prince Rupert leads his, very small, cavalry command past the Parliamentary dragoons hiding behind a hedge. The umpire later admitted that perhaps there was just one stand too many of dragoons, or that Prince Rupert rolled just one too many 1's instead of 6's on his dice rolls. And the Royalist cavalry just didn't seem to have the necessary oomph to sweep away the Parliamentary horse. Clearly some sort of rules adjustment was in order.   game0116.jpg
  The Parliamentary foot (at top and left in the two photos) awaits the attack of the Royalist foot. King Charles' guard infantry can be seen 'stoodging around in the rear without enough pips' at right.   game0113.jpg
  In the role of King Charles I, and consequently with plenty of spare time on his hands, usually spent visiting the bar, your humble correspondent was able to practice various artistic, rather than strictly game related, photographs. Here a stuffed Bengal Tiger doll symbolizing... Well, dunno really... Is seen wearing a cheesy plastic Halloween costume version of a morion helmet which the photographer desperately hopes will make this filler photo some how relevant. Oh, did we mention that the Royalists lost? And rather badly one might add.   game0119.jpg
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