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Fire & Fury: The Wilderness (???)
  Union reserves, containing a surprising quantity of cavalry for a TBC game, maneuver to the front line. In keeping with the long standing tradition the Bengalis got a late start, and probably hadn't completed determining the size of their divisions until around 9:00pm. And then they started the game. General Beaureguard B. Weenie had arrived early, and had been comfortably seated at the bar for quite some time before the game started. Consequently he managed to roll dice, and create a Confederate division, and place his troops on the table. However, he never actually made it to the game himself and his troops were 'temporarily commanded' by other helpful members.   g090206b.jpg
  On the right flank the Confederates surge forward, with or without the 'Rebel Yell.' Troops under the command of Major Robert E.Debacle prepare their assault on positons defended by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Winky.   g090206c.jpg
  Rebs rush 'Little (and the terrain piece was in fact very small) Round Top.' Although that famous geographic location did not actually feature in the Battle of the Wilderness. Still, gaming clubs must make do with the Styrofoam hills that they actually possess. The hill has no real tactical value, however, beneath the Union troops is one of those tremendously valuable 'Objective Markers' which indicates that his hill is worth '3 Victory Points.' Consequently the Union will defend the hill at all costs.   g090206e.jpg
  The traditional Bengal Club Hot Air Balloon Shot of the battlefield. (Helicoptors not having been invented yet.) Troops of Robert E. Debacle are at the bottom left. The Union divisions of Joshua Lawrence Winky are at the bottom right, with one brigade defending 'Little Round Top' at the center. The division of the 'Absent Beaureguard B. Weenie' has launched a bayonet charge to clear Union troops from the Little Round Top.   g090206f.jpg
  Rebs close in on 'somebody somewhere.' Recent communications with players who actually sat at the gaming table suggest that this is the death struggle over Little Round Top. Or maybe not.   g090206g.jpg
  Little Round Top, again. The Union has brought up artillery support, making Confederate seizure of that extremely valuable objective marker (here actually visible in the photo) highly unlikely.   g090206h.jpg
  The final attack on Little Round Top. The Confederates are now defending the captured hill. Joshua Lawrence Winky has turned the Rebel right flank and is bringing up a seemingly endless quantity of reserves. To quote Robert E. Debacle, "I was preparing to make my final stand when mercifully darkness fell." Or in other words, it had grown so late that even avid gamers decided to go home.   g090206i.jpg
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