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Euro Fury: Franco Prussian War
  Once again loyal members of The Bengal Club embark on a recreation of the Franco Prussian War, using a rules set (modified to be sure) designed for the American Civil War. Under the supervision and guidance of HRH the Margraf von Kendrick (as umpire, not the German commander) a tidal wave of German speaking toy soldiers swept onto the table. The Germans/Prussians/Saxons were on the table in such numbers that several turns were taken just to sort out the various units.   g090227e.jpg
  Le Marshal de Winkie has anchored his army's right flank on the village of San Privat. Anchored is a technical military/gaming term meaning "crammed the town full of troops like a can of sardines." Or like the village of Blenheim in a different battle/game.   g090227a.jpg
  Prussian cavalry, under the enthusiastic command of the Baron von ENDen, maneuver across the center; probing for weak points, shielding the artillery, and capturing the official club beverage.   g090227c.jpg
  The Saxons launch a preliminary, and successful, (why is it that in TBC games the Saxons ALWAYS do better than in real History?), attack on the French left flank. General von Neurobert has spent a substantial amount of time shielding his artillery from French rifle fire (Damned untypical for a TBC game) and uses the heavy guns to soften up the unfortunate French infantry before the assault.   g090227b.jpg
  Between the two villages, and largely ignored by the Prussians, was a substantial amount of French infantry. To the left rear of the line is France's secret weapon, no not the milletraieuse hand cranked machine gun, but the big blue dice which had been designed by French scientists to only roll high numbers. Must have been something wrong with the paperwork back in Paris, because the dice didn't quite perform up to expectations. In the center of the French line can be seen the mounted General La Font duh Weenay. The term, duh rather than de, is a title bestowed by the club membership based upon his performance on the battle field. La Font is a highly decorated veteran of many battles, wounded many times, always in the front, and usually in the front of his forehead. He is often attended by his invisible aide-de-camp Onslow Faust.   g090227d.jpg
  The Saxons under Von Neurobert have driven La Font's troops out of the left flank village. The French had decided to withdraw and form a second line of resistance. However, morale rolls with the Big Blue Dice, which La Font refused to abandon despite its poor performance, prevented him from; attacking, retreating, fighting, or running away. All his men could do was stand there in the face of the oncoming Saxon wave of bayonets.   g090227f.jpg
  Meanwhile, back at the village of San Privat, what appears to be the entire German speaking population of Central Europe is flooding over the walls and following Marshal von Este into the town. Having been repulsed once the Prussians came back for a second, and more successful, attack. This may have been the crucial breakthrough, although the French under de Winkie placed desperate hopes on the, out of focus, reinforcements seen in the rear of the photo.   g090227g.jpg
  Whilst things might be looking grim for de Winkie, they were absolutely appalling for La Font. Still, for some inexplicable reason, pinning his hopes on the blue dice, he vainly tried to form a 3rd line of defense using units of the Imperial Guard which had just arrived. La Font was now so far in the French rear that the back edge of the table can be plainly seen in the photo. The depressed general contemplates a last ditch bayonet charge, as he for some reason he thinks of Waterloo.

It was the general consensus that the result was a 'tie in the Germans favor', or perhaps a 'marginal German victory.' The pummeled and crest fallen La Font didn't quite see it that way, but was willing to keep his mouth shut on the subject.
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