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AK-47: African Rout
  AK-47 is described as a 'Beer and Pretzels Game.' The Bengalis love both beer and pretzels and, although there has been some discussion about scheduling an evening in which caviar could be washed down with the huge reserves of Port that the club seems to have acquired from somewhere, any pastime associated with the aforementioned snack and beverage is certain to be popular with the membership. Once again things seemed to conspire against an early commencement of activities, but two contending armies were assembled by around 9:00pm. After much dice rolling it appeared that the name of the country would be "Zenobia" (or something very much like that) and that the communist rebels would be defending against an attack by the dictator "Field Marshal Dr. Roberto." The rebel commander rolled well to create his army, but then rolled poorly when determining which units were actually on the field. Later he would continue to roll poorly when determining when/if reinforcements would arrive. Here some gallant foreign comrades (Cubans?) deploy in the rearmost village, containing the rearmost (and thus safest) objective marker.   g090213b.jpg
  Much to the rebels surprise, a lucky dice roll by the dictator brings on 'Foreign Consultants' (Israelis ?) at the back side of the table, dangerously close to the unsuspecting Cubans. Here the Israelis maneuver around the beer, it is a beer & pretzels game, but avoid the pretzels which are just to the right of the photo.   g090213d.jpg
  Up at the front edge of the table, the dictator is rolling well. Perhaps not WELL, but well enough. Meanwhile the rebel commander is rolling poorly. Consequently all of the rebel armored vehicles, APC's and armored cars, are quickly a smoking pile of rubble. In this newly acquired photo, the Saladin armored car is now visible at the right of the photo. To the bottom left is one of the, highly valuable, Game Objective Markers. At the top left is a decorative building (European circa 1809) indicating an African native village, and to the right of the building is a unit of native infantry. In this scenario the natives are, rather mysteriously, wearing blue UN style head gear.   g090213e.jpg
  Rebel sub general, the renown 'Mobutu Sese Weenie,' had requested command of "The Worst Troops Available In The Scenario." His commander gladly complied and provided him with a unit of native militia riflemen so poor in training that many of the figures didn't even have trousers. As previously mentioned the rebel general rolled very poorly when dicing for the arrival of reinforcements. Consequently many of the rebels enjoyed a prolonged period in which they did not actually participate in the movement of little lead dollies on the table. At top, Mobutu Sese Weenie recounts the story of how during the Spanish Civil War members of the Condor Legion were forced to use cigarette packs in their shirt pockets to denote rank, until their uniforms arrived. To his right one of the dictators sub generals responds with his usual enthusiasm. At bottom, Mobutu Sese Weenie recounts the story of how during the Spanish Civil War members of the Condor Legion actually shipped crates to Spain with the label "Not Anti-Aircraft Guns." To his left one of the dictators other sub generals responds with his usual enthusiasm.   g090213f.jpg
  By now it is turn #7 and the rebels finally roll high enough to bring on a unit of reinforcements, and it belongs to Mobutu Sese Weenie. As can be seen, some of the figures quite literally are so poorly equipped that they lack trousers. Oh, and the dice rolls indicated that they should arrive, all alone, at the front edge of the table. This being an area from which all rebel troops had already fled. On the other hand, they were standing in the open, without cover, directly in front of an enemy unit of armored cars which had been liberally provided with heavy machine guns. The pantless communists strived manfully to inflict some sort of damage upon the enemy, but were eliminated as a fighting unit by half way through turn #8   g090213c.jpg
  Just off the top of the photo is where the trouserless communist used to be. In the center of the photo the dictator moves up armored personnel carriers to take cover behind some rough terrain created from plastic aquarium foliage. At right, South African 'consultants' in the process of being extremely surprised (as in destroyed) at long range by the Cubans using excellent marksmanship and their truck mounted antiaircraft gun.   g090213i.jpg
  For those unfamiliar with the AK-47 rules, if an attacker rolls doubles when shooting then something happens. When ever the rebels rolled doubles, the something was bad. When ever the dictator rolled, the something was good. Here Double Fours translates to an air strike on a target of the dictator's choice. No one had planned for any air strikes, so the club was not prepared with a suitable model. Instead Col. Winky went to his desk and retrieved one of those Die Cast Metal Collectible World War II Fighter Plane Paper Weights. Here it pummels the last remaining unit of native rebels.   g090213h.jpg
  As if one air strike wasn't enough, the very next turn the dictator rolled a double four again. This time it was the Cubans who suffered death from the air, direct from the Battle of Britain, to the middle of Central Africa, courtesy of a Spitfire Mark II, manufactured by the Franklin Mint.

Shortly after this the Cuban sub general, who was the only remaining rebel on the table, threw in the sponge. Then everyone talked about sports, and you humble correspondant went home.
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