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AGT: The Adventure on the Venture
  THE ADVENTURE ON THE VENTURE is a played repeatedly at the club, with different rules, and different terrain. This time the rules were adapted from a game named 'Awful Green Things,' but for the Bengalis it instead of setting the confrontation on a marooned spacecraft the members would struggle to escape from a 1920's tramp steamer in the midst of the South China Sea.

For a playing surface Bimbashi Lewis printed out a huge drawing representing 3 decks of the ship. The passengers and crew were deployed in their various cabins, and then the mutant/monster players placed their creatures. Here members controling the long suffering humans move their figures.
  Figures representing the passengers and crew, shortly before placement on the ship/map.   g081003b.jpg
  There were 3 levels/sizes of monster; the least dangerous 'little blob,' the more dangerous 'caterpillar slug thing,' and the most dangerous 'giant bipedal green lobster.' Here, early in the game, unarmed humans are confronted by terrifying monsters. The monster players, who've never even heard of the game AGT, are mistakenly concentrating on creating more monsters, rather than killing/eating the unarmed humans.   g081003c.jpg
  The monster players begin to get the hang of things. Several of their slugs corner a member of the crew, I believe it was Gofer, in a hallway. He is armed with a blow torch which, rather surprisingly, doesn't have much of an affect on the monsters. Gofer made some rather poor dice rolls, which indicated that the monsters seem to like the warming affects of the high intensity heat.   g081003d.jpg
  Feeling rather cocky, the monster players rush a group of humans with only one 'Giant Bipedal Green Lobster.' The humans shoot it with a variety of largely ineffectual weapons, but the monkey (Somehow in Bengal Club games it always comes down to a monkey) throws something rather non-lethal, it might have been a cream bun, and injures the lobster so badly that it regresses into a caterpillar/slug.   g081003e.jpg
  The monsters mass in the hallway just outside the bridge, hoping to slaughter Captain Stuebing. However, the 'automatic drinks server' (rumor has it that this was some sort of android/robot in the original game) rushes to rescue the endangered crewmen. In the ensuing robotic, crustacean, slug like brawl the drinks server is destroyed, many monsters are dispatched, and the crew successfully flees to the bridge.   g081003f.jpg
  Following the slaughter in the hallway, the humans barricade themselves on the bridge, and game play slows to a crawl as each team engages in prolonged debate over 'which pieces go where to block which escape routes, without placing too many pieces in one room so as to become vulnerable to area affect weapons.' Just the sort of engaging discussions which prevent girls from joining in the hobby.   g081003g.jpg
  The monsters make their final push, with 'not too many' lobsters in any one room. However, to their deep sea, or possibly intergalactic, horror Captain Stuebing produces a fire extinguisher. This dread weapon kills nothing, but succeeds in knocking back both lobsters and slugs and appears to make them move more slowly. The surviving humans sprint for the life boats, and some of them actually make it.   g081003h.jpg
  The flight from the bridge to the life boats was not uneventful, and only 4 'humans' made it; the lounge singer and seaman Gofer in one boat, and a nameless extra and 'Chim Chim The Monkey' (at The Bengal Club it always seems to come down to the monkey) in the other. Both vessels were successfully launched, so the humans did escape from the monsters. However, numerous post game dice rolls indicated that the lounge singer and Gofer landed on a desert island, and succumbed to a mysterious fever, whilst the nameless extra and Chim Chim also caught a fever, which killed poor Chim Chim, allowing the nameless extra to be the only survivor to successfully reach Singapore.   g081003i.jpg
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