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LOTHS: Zany Pirates - With Zombies
  The Zany pirates land upon the shore nearby an unsuspecting village of, well painted, natives. Various African huts are on view, with a Burmese stockade. Despite the fact that most of the native figures, will later, appear to be Brazilian head hunters.   g090130a.jpg
  The pirates stumble ahead through jungle undergrowth largely manufactured out of plastic aquarium decorations.   g090130b.jpg
  The native levies spring to the defense of their village, somewhere between the Burmese stockade and an attractive plastic railway tree.   g090130c.jpg
  Natives close in on the unsuspecting pirates, but do not charge. Instead they form a firing line and deploy the most dreaded of all weapons in LOTHS - the primitive bow.   g090130d.jpg
  The pirates, actually it's only the crew of one ship the Bonnie Blue Bell (or a name something much like that) arrive at the famed treasure temple. Closer examination of the temple suggests that it was constructed by the ancient Greeks, to decorate one of their aquariums.   g090130e.jpg
  Suddenly zombies, that's right in Bengal Club games when it's not anthropomorphized chimpanzees it's usually an army of the undead, springs from ambush in the plastic foliage. The zombies maneuver with the speed of French Napoleonics, around the temple and to the attack.   g090130f.jpg
  The pirates deploy a surfeit of missile weapons. In this case the blunderbuss. Many of the zombies are killed, well, perhaps it would be more accurate to describe them as 'immobilized' rather than 'dead.' Since, technically, they started the game 'dead' to begin with. Readers should take note that this is quite possibly the very first time that the blunderbuss has ever been useful in any Bengal Club game.   g090130g.jpg
  A very dramatic photo of 'little lead pirates' thrashing about in the decorative plastic aquarium foliage, vanquishing the 'little lead undead,' in front of the impressive Greek aquarium ruins.   g090130h.jpg
  An exciting close up of the struggle between over dressed pirates, it is after all the tropics, and under dressed natives.   g090130i.jpg
  Pirates, eventually, seize the upper hand against their surprisingly resilient, trouserless, foes. With a 'cake decoration' palm tree in the background.   g090130j.jpg
  Once past the natives last line of defense the pirates raiding party is confronted by the 'Mysterious Mentalist Queen' in her wardrobe left over from the Broadway Musical "Conan The Barbarian On Ice." The exact nature of the queen's mysterious mentalist powers - in pedestrian, dice rolling, game terms - still remain a mystery to your humble correspondent.   g090130k.jpg
  Temple Of The Sacred Key as it sits a top the Sacred Styrofoam Mountain of Halloween Decorations. Sadly, the photo lacks the inclusion of any figures to provide scale, or any explanation as to where the key was, or why it was sacred, or how many extra hit dice it would entitle to which ever lucky pirate who might manage to posses it.   g090130l.jpg
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