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DBM: Battle of Formigny (HYW)
  Another example of The Bengal Club's choice of DBM games. It's the Hundred Years War, with grindingly slow troop types, rarely able to kill opponents, but with a fabulous (not really 15th century) buffet, and an exotic collection of eclectic mixed drinks. Accompanying an unintentional run at 'Max Girls In Club' (3). And there were 2 'civilians,' but one of them plays with model trains, so he's only half a civilian.

But on to the game. At Formigny the English army had almost beaten a larger French army, when a second French army appeared in their rear. Here the English right wing lumbers forward, it's the Blade(O) with a maximum speed of only 100 paces, towards the French left wing, also with a maximum speed of only 100 paces. In the distance is a single rank of, very expensive, French knights have dismounted as Blade(S). Beyond the French knights are the 'evil French fingers' responsible for dismounted the knights.
  In the center an English general, who bravely remains mounted, urges his men forward as quickly as possible. Quickly is a relative term with speed 100 pace troops, but unlike the real commander this general knows that a second French army will soon be appearing in his rear.   g090123b.jpg
  In the French center a unit of crossbowmen advance cautiously An interesting unit of Minifig miniatures consisting of; 4 Burgundian handgunners with Garrison crossbows added, 8 Swiss crossbowmen (the chaps in red) and 4 Genoese crossbowmen painted to mimic the Burgundians.   g090123c.jpg
  The second French army arrives on the table and after its knights also dismount, everyone seems to be afraid of those English longbowmen, they surge (again at 100 paces) across a stream in the English rear. Meanwhile some hapless longbowmen try to block the ford.   g090123d.jpg
  With the first French army pressing in from the right, and the second French army advancing from the top of the photo the English left is squeezed into an, undesirable, "V" formation.   g090123e.jpg
  The English center rushes (at 100 paces per turn) towards the French center, which appears tantalizingly thin.   g090123f.jpg
  The English center lumbers into contact. Here desperately trying to punch trough the French center before the collapse of the English left allows the whole army to be charged in the rear. The French gradually backed away, as both sides inflicted casualties on each other.   g090123h.jpg
  The English center presses on against the dismounted French knights, but there just seem to be too many bowmen, and not enough billmen to get the job done.   g090123g.jpg
  The English left finally breaks, and the impetuous French knights rush after in pursuit. This doesn't really bother the English commander quite so much, because he hopes to triumph in the center before the slow moving knights reach him. Oh, and the lead element of knights in the center of the photo are not French pursuers, but English in flight.   g090123i.jpg
  In their last push on the center the English hope to kill just one more stand, and demoralize the largest French command, and thus win the game. Sadly, this does not happen, and on the next French turn some cunning maneuvering destroys one stand of longbowmen, who unable to recoil destroy a second unit behind them. The loss of these 2 units is sufficient to break the English right wing, and with both the left and right wings now broken more than half of the English units have failed morale, and the game/battle is over.   g090123j.jpg
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