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Old Darkest Africa: Zanzibaris Inconvenienced
  The Zanzibaris advance! Hoping to escape the club tradition that "The Colonials are always defeated, and never make it more than 18 inches onto the table" Capitain Ou Est Le Boeuf has created a scenario without any British units. A force of Zanzibari slavers, here with the advance guard possibly painted by Major Weenie, moves on an unsuspecting African village. The goal of the villagers is to kill/defeat the slavers. The goal of the slavers is to 'not die' and to force units of villagers to fail morale whilst in contact with a unit of Zanzibaris. The theory being that if the villagers fail their morale, but are that close to the slavers, then they will be taken prisoner, and sold somewhere on the east coast. (East Coast of Africa, we're not talking about Delaware or Rhode Island here.)   g090116a.jpg
  The Village Alerted. Your humble correspondent was unable to actually attend the game, so there may be some confusion as to the sequence of events. In addition with the passage of years it becomes increasingly difficult to remember for which imaginary online publication your humble correspondent is working. (The Bisbee Review? The Bengal Bugle?) Suffice it to say that with a few lucky dice rolls the natives managed to alert their warriors to the presence of the Zanzibaris, and any hope on the part of the slavers in actually sneaking up on a helpless village were dashed. Readers should take note of the high quality modeling used in creating the huts, and the barricade around the village. Also notice the 'tape measure shaped' alter at the top right, and the 'random number generating cube' totem guarding the front gate.   g090116b.jpg
  A warband of the Ubuntu moves to defend the village. All stock Darkest Africa figures, pushing a different 'random number generating cube' totem in front of them as they rush to attack the intruders. The elephant grass in the background is made from plastic aquarium plants glued to suitably decorative bases.   g090116c.jpg
  More Ubuntu. A different native unit, same manufacture (Darkest Africa) The exotic jungle foliage in the background is a different type of aquarium plant.   g090116d.jpg
  Defense of the right flank. The Zanzibari players, having a long an bitter experience with club games, move cautiously and deploy numerous flank guards to protect themselves from unexpected dice rolls that might produce surprise units of native spearmen at their flank, or rear.   g090116e.jpg
  A desperate struggle. The more numerous natives close in on the head of the Zanzibari column.   g090116f.jpg
  After defeating the villagers first attack a 2nd wave of villagers sweeps towards the slavers.   g090116g.jpg
  Just as the Zanzibaris seem to be edging out a close victory, some fortunate (for the villagers) dice rolls permit the arrival of 2, or was it 3, units of spearmen behind the slaver's flank. And within one move of the startled Zanzibaris. Definitely good luck for the villagers. Bad luck for the Zanzibaris.   g090116h.jpg
  The end is near. With natives seemingly sweeping in from every direction the Zanzibaris have a go at the Sub-Saharan version of Custer's Last Stand. Rough areas are indicated by, very old style, astro-turf. Once again the jungle foliage is portrayed by plastic aquarium plants.   g090116i.jpg
  The defense is broken. The final image of the battle which, to your correspondent, appears to be exactly the same as the previous photo, but taken from a slightly different angle.   g090116j.jpg
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