The Bengal Club
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La Societe de Wenay Vendredi
(The Friday Night Weenies)
T.B.C. was originally founded to play colonial wargames, as a society of gamers specializing in the 19th century. It has expanded to include gaming in the 18th century, as well as the full range of DBA, DBM, and DBR rules. (There has been some talk about running a W.W.II game, but personally I think it's just an excuse to justify the purchase of a huge quantity of armored vehicle models in a variety of scales.)
Whilst purportedly a 'gaming society' it has been noted that many of us spend far more time in the building, painting, and converting of figures and terrain than we do in actual gaming. We hope that this site will help to promote our hobby, and share some of the techniques we've developed over the years - as well as allowing us to indulge in the vanity of displaying our figures and terrain.
Schedule of TBC Events: If the game description is underlined, then it's a link to photos of the game.
1/2/2015xxxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4/3/2015xxxxSOMETHING IN THE PAST
1/9/2015xxxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4/10/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PAST
1/16/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4/17/2015xxxFIRE & FURY (TOG)
1/23/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx4/24/2015xxxCOLONIAL DITDK (TOG)
1/30/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5/8/2015xxxxPIKE & SHOTTE (TOG)
2/6/2015xxxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5/15/2015xxxDOW'S MEXICAN REVOLUTION (TOG)
2/13/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5/22/2015xxxOPEN ?
2/20/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5/29/2015xxxFIRE & FURY TUNE UP (TBD)
2/27/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6/5/2015xxxxHAIL CAESAR (TOG)
3/6/2015xxxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6/12/2015xxxGETTYSBURG SETUP (SDM)
3/13/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6/13/2015xxxGETTYSBURG GAME (SDM)
3/20/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6/19/2015xxxDOW'S MEXICAN REVOLUTION (TOG)
3/27/2015xxxSOMETHING IN THE PASTxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx6/26/2015xxxOPEN ?
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Col. Winky Maj. Butt Abu Bin Backshot Tsarina of the Weenies Maj. Weenie Maj. Nuisance Top Grunt Ever Newer Dan Gen. Huerta Lobster Boy Tommy Sixguns Maj. Disappointment Maj. Debacle Abu Ben Lewis Onslow Faust Lft. Fingers JC Gerard In France Bobby of Maiwand Baron Eduard Capitaine OLB New Robert Fearless Harry Maj. Undertaking Debonair Steve Maj. Roller Maj. Character Roy Knabenshue Maj. Impact Patrick Black Jack Nelson Young Fred Paulinus the Immortal Lft. Portside Pvt. Indulgence
The Bengal Club